packing cpower

  area floor Area of Application: FLOOR
water absorption Water Absorption: ≤ 0,5%
breaking_strength Breaking Modulus: 35 N/mm2
frost resistance Resistance to Frost: FROST-PROOF
chemical resistance Chemical Resistance: CONFORMING
mohs hardness Mohs Hardness:  6
slip_resist_R09 Slip Resistance: R9 (>0,60 dry / >0,70 wet)
thermal_shock_resistance Thermal Shock Resistance: RESISTANT
deep_abrasion Resistance to deep abrasion: CONFORMING
stain_resistance Stain Resistance (ISO 10545-14): 5
V2 Color Variation: V2
thick_10 Thickness: 10mm
rett Cutting Method: RECTIFIED
PEI5 Abrasion Resistance: PEI V
deep abrasion Measurement of dynamic friction coefficient: CONFORMING 0,65 - 0,68